Infinity Roofing Contractors specializes in the handling of insurance claims and storm damage and will advocate on your behalf!

 1. SOFTWARE: In-house professionals speak and identify line item scope of work in the same format as the majority of insurance companies. (Xactimate Software)

3. EAGLEVIEW TECHNOLOGY: EagleView patches together detailed roof renderings using aerial photos and satellite imagery. Reports are inclusive of three-dimensional roof diagrams including pitch, valleys, flashings, etc.. This eliminates guesswork and any possible dispute with insurance carriers over the amount and type of product needed when settling your claim. 

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Did you know.. over 500,000 Atlas Chalet roofs were installed in metro Atlanta between 1998-2008. Several problems quickly became apparent with the Atlas Chalet shingle; such as blistering in the first year, significant loss of granulation, and premature cracking. This particular shingle has been determined to be a defective product and had been discontinued. When your home receives roof damage as a result of wind or hail, your insurance company must pay to repair any shingles that were damaged. When you contact your insurance company, they will send an adjustor out to inspect your roof and determine what needs to be repaired. Typically, it requires a certain amount of damage to result in a full roof replacement. In the case of wind damage, the adjustor will only want to replace the broken shingles. Unless there is significant wind damage, it is not uncommon for the claim to result in a settlement that is lower than the deductible, leaving the homeowner responsible for the cost of all repairs. However, this is not the case if you have Atlas Chalet shingles installed on your home.

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The Atlas Chalet shingle is no longer available, and your insurance company must repair your roof with the same like, kind, and quality product. This is not possible with the Atlas Chalet shingle; therefore they cannot repair your existing roof. If a wind storm causes damage to even one shingle on your Atlas Chalet roof, it can result in your insurance company paying to replace your entire roof! There are no 3 tab or architectural shingles manufactured in the same way as the Atlas Chalet shingle, which creates a rare opportunity for you to have your existing defective Atlas Chalet roof replaced with a real, quality architectural shingle roof.

At Infinity Roofing Contractors, we understand that doing a quality job with the finest materials is just the beginning of what our clients expect. Respect of personal property, professionalism and communication are paramount. We desire our name to be the only one you recommend if the opportunity arises to give a referral. We proudly offer a referral list, including phone numbers, to all perspective clients.

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2. WEATHER FORENSICS: We use a highly advanced software to get the historical storm damage that has passed over your property in the last 10 years. This allows us to present a factual history of all damaging weather that has affected your home when meeting your insurance adjuster on site.

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