Asphalt Roofing:

The basics on what is installed on 90% of homes with sloped roofing:

Most sloped residential roofing is done with one of three types of asphalt roofing products. Below is a list, starting with the most basic:

1) 20 and 25 yr (3 tab)

2) Limited Lifetime (architectural/dimensional)

3) Designer (Faux Slate, Shake, etc)

Infinity Roofing Contractors can install products manufactured by any major company, however we proudly install GAF shingles as a Certified Contractor and Owens-Corning as a Preferred Contractor.

Low Slope Roofing:
* Modified Bitumen
* Aluminum Awnings/Carports

Infinity Roofing Contractors has completed all of the required training and educational classes to become a GAF Certified Contractor. This allows IRC to offer the GAF System Plus Limited Warranty to homeowners when the required GAF materials are installed. Infinity Roofing Contractors also provides a 5-year "no-leak" warranty to every homeowner that we do a full roof installation for. 

Roofing Company

All Lifetime and Specialty Roofs are installed to "Miami-Dade Wind Code" This maximizes manufacturer wind warrantee  by ensuring each 39" tile is secured by six nails per tile in the  designated strike area. Guns are calibrated regularly to ensure nails are not "over-driven" or "under-driven".

The result: A beautiful roof that stays that way and protects for years. 

Residential Roofing