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Roof Repair vs. Replacement: How to Decide What’s Best

February 27, 20243 min read

If your roof is showing some wear, you may be wondering whether fixing a few problem areas or doing a full reroof is the smarter choice. Factors like roof age, damage scope, and costs impact whether repair or replacement makes sense. Here are important considerations for deciding the best roofing solution for your situation.

When to Consider Roof Repairs

Roof repairs can serve as a cost-effective solution when:

  • Damage is minor – Small areas of missing or damaged shingles, minor flashing gaps, curling shingle edges and similar issues may warrant spot repairs without replacing the entire roof.

  • Roof is newer – Repairs help extend the lifespan of newer roofs in otherwise good condition. If under 10-15 years old, repairs make economic sense.

  • Issues are isolated – Damage contained to one section, like wind damage on one side of the roof, can be feasibly fixed versus a whole new roof.

  • Budget is a major factor – For older roofs near the end of their lifespan, repairs may make sense solely to buy some extra years before a costly full replacement.

Common Repairs Include:

  • Resealing flashing, vents or seams

  • Replacing a few damaged shingles

  • Securing loose shingles

  • Fixing gutters and downspouts

  • Reinforcing deteriorated roof deck boards

  • Clearing debris and leaves

when to consider roof repair vs roof replacement

Signs You May Need a New Roof Instead

Several scenarios indicate a full roof replacement is the better solution:

  • The roof is very aged – Once shingles reach the end of their lifespan (usually 15-25 years), repairs cannot extend their useful life any longer.

  • Pervasive damage/deterioration – Significant curling, lost granules, cracking and widespread issues mean repairs will be constant and extensive.

  • Major underlying damage – Severe water leaks that have led to rotting roof decks and sheathing necessitate full tear-off and rebuild.

  • Multiple roof layers exist – Roofs with two or more layers already should not have another layer added.

  • Inadequate ventilation/insulation – Breathability and insulation issues throughout demand a roof system overhaul.

  • You need updated materials – Repairs cannot give you enhanced protection from newer architectural or metal shingles if that’s your aim.

  • It doesn’t make financial sense – If repairs cost over 50-70% of a new roof, replacement may save money long-term even at higher initial cost.

Replacement Considerations

Here are a few things to think about when you do need a full new roof:

  • Roof type – Assess whether switching roofing materials might be beneficial. For instance, metal over asphalt shingles can provide over twice the lifespan.

  • Added elements – It’s cost-effective to integrate roof upgrades like ridge vents and skylights when doing a full replacement rather than later.

  • Energy efficiency – Look for high R-value insulation, radiant barriers and cool roofing materials to install.

  • Flashing/underlayment – Replace deteriorated materials for optimal waterproofing and drainage.

  • Project scope – Will decking or rafter repairs be required as well? Address structural issues now.

  • Contractor qualifications – An experienced, licensed roofer with proper insurance who can offer manufacturer warranties on their workmanship is critical.

Get an Inspection

Unsure about the scope of your roof wear and best fix? We recommend having a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof inside and out. This allows them to:

  • Pinpoint areas of concern

  • Assess the full extent of damage

  • Determine if repairs or full replacement is the smartest long-term solution.

Don’t let small issues go too long and turn into costly headaches. Stay proactive about regularly inspecting your roof. Contact Infinity Roofing Contractors to evaluate your roof's condition and maintenance needs and help protect your home. Investing in the right roofing solution at the right time saves you money and trouble down the road!

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