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Roof Inspections: What to Expect & Why They Matter

February 15, 20243 min read

Your roof is one of the most important protective barriers keeping weather out of your home. Even if leaks or damage aren’t visible, issues could be brewing out of sight. This makes periodic roof inspections critically important. Here’s what to expect during a roof inspection and why they provide valuable peace of mind.

The Roof Inspection Process

A thorough roof inspection involves carefully examining all elements of the roof system from multiple vantage points:

  • Exterior inspection - The roof surface is scanned for any obvious signs of damage, deterioration, or needed repairs. The inspector will look at the roof edge, flashing, ventilation, and more. They’ll check for missing, cracked or curled shingles as well as debris buildup.

  • Interior inspection – The attic and interior ceilings below the roof are checked for moisture marks, leaks, or water stains indicating drainage issues. Ventilation and insulation are also inspected.

  • Chimney and skylight inspection – The flashing/sealing around penetrations like chimneys and skylights are examined for any signs of deterioration allowing moisture intrusion.

  • Ventilation inspection – Intake and exhaust vents are checked to ensure adequate airflow preventing heat and moisture buildup.

  • Gutter inspection – Gutters are examined for proper slope, debris clogs, leakage and any damage or sagging. Downspouts are checked to ensure they’re securely attached and draining properly.

Inspectors may use binoculars, moisture meters, cutting tools and magnets to thoroughly access and examine all roof components. The full inspection usually takes 1-3 hours depending on roof size, pitch and complexity.

Why Professional Roof Inspections Matter

While homeowner walkarounds are smart after extreme weather, professional inspections offer significant advantages:

  • Trained eye – Professionals examine hundreds of roofs and can spot subtle signs of damage a homeowner is likely to miss. Small issues get corrected before becoming major repairs.

  • Safety – Accessing steep, high roofs carries risks that roofers are experienced managing with proper safety gear, setups and training.

  • Warranty help – Some manufacturer warranties require regular professional inspections to remain valid. They provide documentation you need for warranty-covered repairs.

  • Extensive assessment – Professionals conduct much more comprehensive inspections than feasible for homeowners to perform themselves. Gutters, attic, ventilation and more all get evaluated.

  • Unbiased evaluation – Contractors inspect many roofs, so they examine yours without preconceptions and provide an objective analysis. Their insights help prioritize any needed repairs.

  • Material testing – Advanced diagnostics like thermal imaging help identify hidden moisture before it leads to leaks. Invasive methods homeowners can’t use safely provide deeper insights.

regular roof inspections

Regularity Recommendations

We recommend scheduling complete professional roof inspections:

  • Once per year – Annual checkups catch small issues before they become expensive repairs and provide continual protection.

  • After significant storms – Severe weather, hail, high wind can all cause hidden, serious damage professional inspection is best to detect.

  • At major milestones – When moving into a new home or preparing to list a home for sale are two milestones warranting a fresh inspection.

Don’t wait until substantial visible damage or a leak arises. That often means hidden deterioration has been occurring for some time. Contact our team to schedule your next preventative maintenance roof inspection today. We want your roof to endure the long haul.

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