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Let the Light In: Skylight Installation Tips

January 25, 20243 min read

Skylights are a popular way to fill a dark space with natural light from above. The sunlight streaming in creates a bright, open feel and reduces the need for artificial lighting. If designed well, skylights also offer energy efficiency benefits. Follow these tips for successful planning and installation.

Why Add Skylights to Your Home?

Some top reasons homeowners install skylights include:

  • Brightening interior rooms and hallways

  • Reducing electricity usage and costs

  • Providing natural light to spaces with no windows

  • Creating an open, expansive feeling in attics or vaulted spaces

  • Enjoying views of the sky and weather from inside

  • Increasing daylight for houseplants or indoor gardens

But to maximize these benefits requires careful planning and proper installation.

Skylight Options: Tube, Glass, Acrylic Dome: Which Is Best?

There are several types of skylights to consider:

  • Glass skylights are the most energy efficient. Insulated tempered glass models with Low-E coatings minimize heat transfer.

  • Acrylic or polycarbonate plastic dome skylights are more affordable, but lose more heat and block some UV light.

  • Tubular skylights with reflective tubes bring in diffuse daylight through your roof and ceiling. Best for smaller spaces.

An insulated glass skylight is ideal for living spaces you want to brighten with natural light and views.

Bathrooms, Kitchens, and Beyond

Good candidates for skylight placement include:

  • Windowless bathrooms and interior rooms

  • Kitchens, for a bright and airy atmosphere

  • Stairwells and hallways lacking natural light

  • Attics and vaulted ceilings to enhance the sense of space

  • Rooms with high-up windows difficult to see out of

Avoid installing skylights over workspaces or furniture since direct overhead light causes glare.

infinity roofing contractors skylights

Find the Optimal Placement

  • North-facing skylights provide soft, even daylight without much heat gain.

  • East-facing skylights get pleasant morning sun, but can cause afternoon glare.

  • West-facing models should have sun-filtering blinds to block hot afternoon light.

  • Two or more spaced-out skylights prevent overly concentrated light.

Also consider roof structures like chimneys, vents and valleys when selecting locations.

Energy Efficiency

To maximize energy efficiency:

  • Select double or triple pane glass or plastic dome models with high insulating R-values.

  • Ensure a tight seal between the roof and skylight frame to prevent leakage.

  • Use shade screens or closeable blinds to help control heat and glare as needed.

Proper installation combined with energy efficient materials will prevent excess heat loss in winter or gain in summer.

Installation Considerations: Leave It to the Pros

Skylight installation involves cutting an opening in your roof, waterproofing around it, and integrating with the ceiling below. This complex process is best left to experienced roofing professionals like Infinity Roofing Contractors.

Our team will:

  • Determine optimal skylight type, sizes and placement

  • Cut openings and integrate weatherproof, water-diverting flashing

  • Seal around openings thoroughly to prevent leaks

  • Install an energy efficient skylight model securely into the framed opening

  • Finish and integrate ceilings below for beautiful results

Contact us today for professional skylight installation services.

Maintenance Tips

To get the most out of your skylights over time:

  • Clean the glass several times per year using only soft cloths and mild cleaners.

  • Caulk around seals annually to maintain waterproofing.

  • Clear debris from surrounding roof areas and gutters frequently.

  • Operate blinds/shades as needed to control light and heat.

  • Avoid walking on skylights when cleaning gutters or doing roof work.

Your skylights should provide great natural daylight for over 20 years with proper installation and periodic maintenance. The roofing experts at Infinity Roofing Contractors are here to help!

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