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Common Roofing Problems in Kennesaw, GA

December 28, 20233 min read

Living in Kennesaw, GA means dealing with hot summers, high humidity, and the occasional severe storm - all of which can take a major toll on your home's roof. As a homeowner, being aware of the most common roofing issues in the Kennesaw area is key to protecting your most important asset.

One of the biggest roofing concerns for Kennesaw residents is storm damage. Powerful winds, hail, lightning strikes, and heavy rainfall events can damage shingles, flashings, vents, and the underlying roof deck. Some storm damage like missing or cracked shingles is easy to spot just by visually inspecting your roof. However, problems like internal water leakage or structural deck damage may be hidden from view. If your roof sustains storm damage, it’s critically important to have a professional roofer inspect for any underlying issues. Unrepaired storm damage can lead to mold, rot, and deteriorating attic conditions.

Aging roof systems are another major concern in the Kennesaw area. Most asphalt shingle roofs last around 20 years, while metal and tile roofs may last 50 years or longer. Over time, the materials break down from exposure to sunlight, heat, rain, wind, and seasonal temperature swings. Shingles may crack, curl, or lose their granule coating, while flashing and sealants around vents can fail. Identifying an aging roof is easiest if you know the prior installation date. Otherwise, look for excessive surface debris, compromised underlayment, and separated or missing shingles/tiles. Repairs may extend the life of an older roof, but full replacement is likely needed at around the 20 year mark.

common roofing problems

Improper roof installations can also create headaches for Kennesaw homeowners. Installation defects like improper slope, inadequate ventilation, loose fasteners, or poor underlayment/flashing work often show up shortly after a new roof is installed or after a major storm. Missing drip edge along the roof perimeter, uneven shingle courses, and misaligned or over-hammered nails are other red flags of sloppy installation work. Always check reviews and references carefully before hiring roofers. Spotting installation problems early allows for remediations under a workmanship warranty if one was provided.

Here are some tips for spotting the most common roofing problems:

Inspect Annually - Make it a habit to inspect your roof each year when the weather is dry. Use binoculars and look for any missing, cracked, curled or loose shingles. Moss overgrowth can also signal issues.

Check Flat Areas - Debris that collects in flat roof areas or water ponding there during rains often indicates leakage and drainage problems.

Watch for Leaks - After heavy rains, enter your attic space and look for signs of water intrusion like discoloration or dripping. Daylight penetrating the roof deck indicates holes.

Address Exposed Nails - Fastener heads that become exposed due to lost surrounding granules will eventually lead to leaks. Resealing them helps prevent further deterioration.

Mind Your Gutters - Clogged gutters can lead to water intrusion and ice damming, while overflowing gutters indicate improper drainage. Keep them clear.

Cut Overhanging Trees - Trees touching your roof or shedding debris lead to faster wear and clog gutters. Prune back branches to protect your roof.

While there are many common roofing issues that Kennesaw, GA homeowners face, the good news is that staying proactive allows many problems to be detected early and repaired. Avoiding deferring maintenance and having your roof inspected each year by a professional roofer will help maximize its lifespan. Contact the experts at Infinity Roofing Contractors if you suspect your roof may have issues that need addressing. Their team of experienced Kennesaw roofers will inspect your roof and recommend honest solutions to restore it to peak condition. Investing in timely repairs will protect your home and prevent more costly remediation work down the road.

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