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Importance of Prompt Storm Damage Repair: Preventing Further Decay

April 04, 20245 min read

As a homeowner in Kennesaw and the greater Atlanta area, you know how quickly the weather can take a turn for the worst. One minute you're enjoying a sunny day, and the next intense winds, hail, and driving rain are pummeling your roof. While your roof is built to withstand a fair amount of abuse from Mother Nature, severe storms can undoubtedly cause damage. And when that happens, it's crucial to address any issues promptly to prevent further deterioration and more costly repairs down the line.

Why Is Fast Storm Damage Repair So Important?

There are several key reasons why getting storm damage fixed right away should be a top priority:

Minimize Interior Damage

Even what seems like minor roof damage can quickly lead to bigger problems inside your home if left unchecked. Cracked or missing shingles allow water intrusion, which can soak insulation, rot wood framing, and drywall, and create the perfect conditions for mold growth. Fixing any roof entry points stops interior leak issues in their tracks.

Prevent Structural Deterioration

Your roof has a critical structural role in protecting the bones of your house and keeping everything intact. Excessive water penetration can rot roof framing, soffits, and fascia boards over time. This deterioration weakens the integrity of your roof structure. Repairing storm damage halts this damaging process.

Stop the Spread

What may have started as a small crack or hole from hail or wind-blown debris can rapidly expand and worsen with each subsequent rainfall if not repaired. Rot and mold can spread. Fixing isolated issues early prevents widespread larger trouble areas.

Save Money

Proactively addressing isolated roof repairs is much more cost-effective than waiting and having to re-roof your entire house sooner than necessary. The longer moisture intrusion persists, the more extensive and expensive water damage repairs become.

Boost Energy Efficiency

A compromised roof allows heating/cooling air to escape, forcing your HVAC system to work harder and driving up energy costs. Patching roof holes and deterioration restores peak efficiency.

Maintain Home Value

Major roof deterioration or the premature need for reroofing can significantly impact your home's market value and desirability to potential buyers. Taking care of issues promptly protects this key asset.

storm damage restoration services in kennesaw

What Are Common Roof Storm Damages?

High winds, heavy rains, hail, flying debris, downed trees, and falls from ice dams can all cause damage to roofs during severe weather events. Here are some of the most frequent types of roof storm damage to watch for:

Cracked/Torn/Missing Shingles

Asphalt shingles are tough but not indestructible. Powerful gusts can tear shingles off, while hailstones can crack them. Missing or compromised shingles leave entrance points for moisture.


Whether from hailstones, windblown branches, or debris hurtling across the roof during storms, punctures in shingles or roof underlayment spell trouble. Even small holes act as water entry gateways.

Granular Loss on Shingles

While tiny granules shedding from asphalt shingles is normal over time, a concentrated area of excessive granular loss after a storm could signal impact damage and weakened shingles.

Flashing/Sealant Issues

Strong winds, hail impact, ice dams, and debris can dislodge or crack critical metal flashing around vents, skylights, chimneys and cause sealant to disbond. This allows water penetration into vulnerable leak-prone areas.

Gutter/Downspout Damage

Gutters and downspouts can get clogged, pulled loose, bent, or pierced by hail and flying objects during severe weather events. This blocks proper water flow off the roof and can lead to moisture backing up under shingles.

Tree/Overhanging Branch Damage

High winds frequently mean fallen trees or large hanging branches—which can severely damage or even puncture straight through roof structures if they come crashing down.

The sooner you get any roof damage properly fixed by professionals, the better chance you have of preventing relatively minor issues from escalating into hugely expensive problems. What initially starts as a few cracked shingles can quickly spread into a full-blown moisture nightmare if ignored or covered over with a quick temporary fix.

Taking Swift Action is Key

In the immediate aftermath of severe storms blowing through the area, it's normal for homeowners to want to take stock of any obvious damage. Go ahead and safely examine your roof if you can get a good look from the ground with binoculars or from an upstairs window. However, do not attempt to repair roof damage yourself or go up on a ladder—this can be extremely dangerous and is best left to experienced roofing professionals.

Try to mitigate potential interior leaks by clearing debris from gutters (if you can safely) and apply roof tarp or sealers as stopgap protection over visibly damaged areas. Then, the crucial next step is to get your roof inspected and professionally repaired as soon as possible.

The faster an experienced, reputable roofing company like Infinity Roofing Contractors can assess the overall extent of damage and make permanent repairs, the better chance you have of halting moisture infiltration and heading off bigger headaches down the road. Don't let existing damage linger unfixed through multiple rainfalls, allowing deterioration to steadily worsen and repair costs to escalate.

The Infinity Roofing Contractors Advantage

When you need prompt, reliable roof storm damage repair and inspection services in Kennesaw, GA and surrounding areas, look no further than Infinity Roofing Contractors. We have an experienced crew that specializes in meticulously detecting all signs of roof distress after severe weather events and restoring structural integrity along with aesthetic appeal.

Our careful inspection process involves thoroughly checking the roof interior and exterior using state-of-the-art technology like high-powered camera drones. We'll pinpoint all issues and give you a detailed, upfront assessment with photo documentation. Our team then makes high-quality permanent repairs using proven techniques backed by the best manufacturer warranties.

As a reputable local roofing contractor with decades of combined experience, Infinity Roofing prides itself on friendly, responsive customer service from start to finish. We'll walk you through the entire process from initial damage assessment, working with your insurance provider (if applicable), selecting replacement roofing materials that fit your needs and budget, and ensuring a timely, polished completed repair job. You can rest easy knowing you have experts on your side restoring your roof's protective barrier against the elements and preventing small roofing woes from snowballing into much bigger problems.

If you suspect your Kennesaw or greater Atlanta area home has sustained roof storm damage, don't delay—protecting your greatest investment is essential. Reach out to Infinity Roofing Contractors today to schedule a comprehensive roof inspection and repair assessment. The sooner we can resolve any roofing issues from severe weather, the more future costs and deterioration you can avoid.

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